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Semi permanent eyeliner is revolutionary, long-lasting liquid eye liner that is waterproof, smear-proof and budge-proof. Beautiful Lips offers a variety of colors that are guaranteed to stay on all day long.
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Semi Permanent Eyeliner
EyeSense™ is a revolutionary, long-lasting liquid eye liner that is waterproof, smear-proof and budge-proof. Perfecting the liquid liner is simple - all it takes is a gentle touch and a steady hand for a beautiful, professionally-made, chic look.

Applying eye make up: The Eye Collection by SeneGence™, is an unprecedented ensemble of cosmetics for your eyes that just make applying eye make up easy!

The revolutionary product formulation of the eyeliner, mascara, brow color, and eye shadow, contain the same long lasting capability of all the SenseCosmetics™ and eyeliner does not smear off or rub off, and are waterproof. Additionally, the amazing long lasting eye shadow contains SenePlex™, creating a cosmetic that not only beautifies but nourishes and protects the sensitive and fragile skin around your eye area. Once again, all ingredients are FDA approved for cosmetic usage, and there is no animal testing.
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Here are some application techniques

Staying Power: Smudge proof, budge proof, and waterproof, EyeSense™, LashSense® , BrowSense® , and ShadowSense™ will last until you take it off at the end of the day* depending upon how you apply the products and your body chemistry. * Some medications can reduce the staying power of the product.

Attention and the right tools, however, are the true keys to wearing any dramatic color while still maintaining a professional look. EyeSense® semi permanent eyeliner will provide you with an easy to use liquid defining cosmetic. Shopping on the Internet is fun. In one place, you will find all your cosmetic needs. Amazing cosmetics, foundations, and lip colors that will enhance both your make you feel confident because they always make you look good.

EyeSense® semi permanent eyeliner attributes:

  • Creates a smooth even line.
  • Formulated not to run on or smudge under your eye.
  • Ideal for a fine, natural line or a thicker dramatic one.
EyeSense® has never been easier to use. Just follow these simple instructions: Before using the product, shake the tube horizontally then gently blow on the tapered brush that is covered with color for approximately three to five seconds. This will dry the liquid and help it to dry on your eye lid when you apply it. Put on the color starting at the out-side corner of your eye. With one continual stroke, place one layer of color on the bottom of the eye outside the lash line. Starting at the outside comer again, apply one layer of color to the top lid outside the lash line.
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