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Semi permanent eye brow liner

Semi permanent eye brow liner creating perfect beauty SeneGence
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Eyebrow Liner to give your brows a defining shape

Thicken, define and beautify simply with BrowSense® liquid eyebrow liner makeup. This unique, long-lasting, waterproof liquid eyebrow makeup uses a two-step delivery system.

SeneGence International has left nothing to chance in ensuring you have everything you need to look beautiful. Keep your brows looking their best with eyebrow liner that won’t smudge, smear or rub off.

The same makers of LipSense invented this dual system designed to fill, brush, and tame your eyebrows with a dual end applicator: One side is beautiful color to be applied with a sable brush and the other end is a bristle brush to help give your eyebrows the perfect shape. Easy to use, the effect delivery system allows a quick, effective blending of color, while controlling the shape of your eyebrows for a perfectly natural finish. Look like a star with perfect eyebrows!
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