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Whiter teeth is a definite beauty consideration. Selecting a lipstick that will make your teeth look whiter is a good trick to know. A customer recently asked which lipstick colors would give them whiter looking teeth. We suggest red as a lipstick color that gives you whiter looking teeth. We read an article that suggest you avoid the coral color and orange lipstick colors that can make your teeth look yellow.

Lipstick is usually categorized as blue based, yellow based and neutral. Most reds fall in the blue based color range. Some say you need to where a really rich scarlet color or a bright crimsin red lipstick. If you think that your teeth are yellow you may check with your dentist to see if she can recommend a nice whitening product. Especially if you like coral lipstick and want whiter looking teeth.

LipSense lipstick is offered in several red colors. Here are just a few that are sure to be whiter teeth lipstick colors:

  • Blu-Red LipSense: Cool, true bright red, Similar to a fire engine
  • Red Cherry LipSense: Cool, medium to deeper red reminiscent of dark Bing Cherries
  • Cranberry LipSense: Cool, bright red with pink undertones - like cranberries on Thanksgiving (yum!)
  • Crimson Red: Cool, the newest edition to our lip colors
For all the information you need about LipSense, call Beautiful Lips for assistance.
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