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Perfect LipSense Colors for the 4th of July

With all the talk of fireworks, I started thinking of my favorite LipSense lip colors. There are so many lipsense colors to choose from. Here is a list of my favorite sparkler LipSense colors.

  • Blu-Red LipSense - I think this is at the top of my list because it is such a screaming fire-engine red color. You need a bright color to keep peoples attention on a holiday like the 4th.
  • Cranberry LipSense - this is probably second but it comes up against a few others. Not as bright as the Blu-Red LipSense, Cranberry has more pink in it.
  • Fire-n-Ice LipSense - the name says it all. A little of fire (red) mixed with a little of ice (pink frost). Wow! What a pretty combination
  • Plumeria Lipsense - Not as well known as the three above, Plumeria is a Red with frost. It is one of the "glimmer" LipSense colors.
  • If you just want to be subtle, then I think the Rose-Ice LipSense will do the trick. The frost with the pink makes an excellent combination.

It isn’t always easy to know the Lipsense colors, and it often requires a some trial and error. Women begin looking for lasting cosmetics and they will not hesitate to buy the best LipSense Lip Color on the market. For some of them, the thought of cost does not enter their heads—they will pay for lasting lip colors regardless of the cost if it works. The key issue is knowing which LipSense works the best.

How it is possible to know which LipSense lip color is best? You look at the LipSense Color Chart. Word of mouth is the best sales tool, so if you want to find the best color, talk to your friends, relatives and co-workers who are using LipSense. If you are afraid of offending someone, simply approach the subject lightly and see how someone responds instead of asking outright if they use LipSense.

Unfortunately, many women are very sensitive about their age, and as such, are hesitant to even mention they are using LipSense lip color. For others who may be in need of a referral, it can be frustrating. Even by lightly approaching the subject, some people still won’t offer to tell you they are using LipSense lip color; however, they will turn the tables and tell you they have a “friend” who uses a certain brand of long lasting lip color. Of course, you know they are referring to themselves, yet you know better than to let on you know. For all the information you need about LipSense lip colors, call Beautiful Lips for assistance.

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